Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fridge-Googling = Google cooking?

There seems to be a rekindling of interest in the subject of fridge-Googling! Number of hits seem to have gone up here, with people searching for recipes with all kinds of ingredients! At some point I would love to include a little box which shows recent searches were - you would be amazed what ingredients people have in their fridges!

Maybe it is unrelated, but could be something to do with a Macmillan Dictionary article from around 5 days ago on our favourite topic!

The article points out that fridge-Googling was earlier known as Google cooking. I kind of prefer the former (i.e. newer) expression - it's more idiomatic, less descriptive, leaves you thinking about the subtle meaning! Strangely, the fount of all knowledge, Wikipedia (and Wiktionary) have only limited reference to both expressions, so any help there would be appreciated!

Anyway, I am planning to start posting links here to recipes that I, or readers have successfully fridge-Googled, but it would be cool if:

a) the ingredients were a little unusual (e.g. carrot, peaches and cinnamon)
b) you actually (successfully) tried cooking the recipe!

Look forward to tasting some of the results!

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