Friday, February 16, 2007

Are you ready for fridge-Googling?

Well, this is something I have been planning to do for ages. With the help of modern Google technology, it has finally become a reality!

  • Is your fridge suffering from "end of the month" syndrome?
  • Is dinner-time fast-looming and you are stuck for recipes?
  • Wondering how to combine that pathetic assortment of ingredients into a cordon bleu gastronomic extravangaza?

Fridge-Googling is here to help! The top of the page will tell you all about what fridge-Googling is, but suffice it say that I have practically lived from the recipes gleaned using this radical new culinary technique for the last few years!

Watch this space for recipes, cooking successes and failures, and general food-related ramblings, as we discover together the wonderful world of... fridge-Googling!

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