Thursday, November 8, 2007

First-time Fridge-Googling?

If you're Fridge-Googling for the first time, welcome!

In the 6 months or so Fridge-Googling has been operational, we have turned hundreds and hundreds of seemingly useless ingredients into delicious (or at least edible) meals, harnessing the power of the Google search engine!

Google is a wild and unpredictable force, we cannot guarantee that simply searching for certain ingredients will yield results. But we have tried to make things easier for you by limiting the search to recipe sites. You can help by:

  • adding the word recipe to your search
  • spelling words correctly (you wouldn't believe how many wrongly-spelled words we see!)
  • following the did you mean..? suggestion Google sometimes gives, especially if you spell something wrongly, and also by retrying with different combinations of ingredients if the first time doesn't reveal results
The real secret is, you never need come back here to search for recipes using Google, you can go straight to the Google website! But if the truth be know, we'd love you to make Fridge-Googling your first port-of-call whenever you have an empty fridge moment. So why not bookmark with CTRL+D and make our day (or just make dinner, thanks!)