Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Scared to fridge-Google!

A little research into the behavior of visitors to the Fridge-Googling blog has revealed that only around 50% of our guests actually make use of the special Fridge-Googling search engine.

Those that do are rewarded with an amazing array of recipes, tailored to the ingredients they have keyed in, and no doubt many a pork chop has been saved! But what of the others? My theories run as follows:

1) they are for some reason apprehensive about trying the radical new fridge-Googling technology :)
2) they are not hungry (that always does it)
3) their refrigerator is so tragically empty that not even Fridge-Googling can help
4) there is so much other interesting stuff to read on this site that they never get round to actually searching! (this last possibility I find the least likely!)

But I would like to encourage all the Fridge-non-Googlers that it is perfectly safe! Just type a list of ingredients (try to spell them right! You wouldn't believe how many people can't spell "tomato"!), add the word "recipe" for good measure, and click search. Your culinary sixth-sense should do the rest! Happy Fridge-Googling!

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